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I help people get clarity &
become imperfectionists*,
so their can feel more alive and joyful
in their life and career.

Because I believe we are all
unique & perfectly imperfect humans.

* The imperfectionist is

  • one who embraces his "imperfections" and turns them into superpowers

  • one who trains to think non-binary

  • one who partners with their trauma to grow

  • one who decides of their own identity 

  • one who consciously decides not to subscribe to the patriarchy perfect roles their have inherited

  • one who wants to get "in trouble" (the good kind) and feel more alive

Becoming an imperfectionist, isn't that hard.

Our (programmed) brain try to overcomplicate it.


I know because I use to be the most indecisive perfectionist you have ever met...

I was constantly looking for information to make "the right choice".

At restaurant, I would ask everyone else what they were getting, would take about 10 min to order my dish, and then 2 min later would chase the waiter in the restaurant to change my order...

At home, I would delegate to my husband the planning of all our social interactions and outdoor activities (and then blame him if I wasn't happy).

At work, I was very quiet and very prolific but would only express opinion once I had gathered all the data I needed, creating a lot of work and mental load for myself.

As a decision phobic I had developed multiple techniques & relationship dynamic to avoid making decisions.

What I wasn't realizing is that I was delegating my power and authority.

Overtime, an intense feeling of "being trapped" in my life started to emerge until it overwhelmed me.

My entire life, I had believed that there was ONE right choice / way. I did what "good girls" do: the studying (2 masters & a PhD), the mothering (twin boys), the sporting, the over-working. I had reacted perfectly to all that life at thrown at me... until I got a good knock on the head (literally)!

All a sudden, I could not contain my grief, my anger and my fears.

I could not be perfect.

And I am glad.

Because it taught me a lot.

Including that:

  • No one is perfect ( duh!! I know it sounds obvious but you might need to be reminded), in fact, we are all uniquely perfectly imperfect humans.

  • Life is a more fun when you allow a little messiness

  • We tend to live our lives according to rules & conventions we never intentionally signed up on

  • We all have inherited trauma that highjacks our behaviors

  • We should ALL give ourselves a little break!!! 


I like kind.
I like weird.
I like fun.
I like simple & to the point.
and avocados...

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