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So you are the curious type... (you're in good company).

Well, I have different labels: Mother, wife, daughter, friend, scientist, engineer, teacher, sensitive, sporty-ish, weird, smiley, flexible, yellow-obsessed, crafty, specific, brainy, the one who shaved her head, frenchy, outdoorsy, quiet, musical-lover, dreamy ... but that is just parts of me.

I am also the coach who believes in being kind & BRAVE.

Who sees kindness, softness & introversion as strengths, not things to hold you back.

I am a clarity wizard, not the crystal-ball type, the border-line OCD type.

Who likes to make complicated things clear & simple.

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In 2018, my mom passed away.

I felt another piece of me die . And then the numbness set back in. I carried on.

It wasn't until two years & a concussion later that I was forced to face my grief & my depression...

...and the frustration of "letting her go" feeling like she hadn't enjoyed her life.

I had it "all": a great job (as a scientist), awesome kids (twin boys) & a supportive (French) husband.

Yet these recurring questions kept coming back: 

  • Why can't I feel happy?

  • Will I ever be happy?

  • Why isn't my husband making me happy?

  • Why isn't my job making me happy?

  • Why aren't my friends making me happy?

  • Why isn't my therapist making me happier?


No matter how loving my family and friends were,

I felt deeply alone and different.

I was mad at myself for not being happier.

And then I learned a few helpful things:

  • The only person that has the power to make me feel anything is ME

  • I don't have to make radical changes in my life to be happier

  • My thoughts are just... thoughts

  • Most of my pains & patterns aren't even mine


Once I understood these things and learned the tools to implement them in my life, I started appreciating my differences as my superpowers. 


Overwhelm started to fade and left more room for energy!

Suddenly, I wanted to take up running again, I wanted to spend time with my husband, I wanted to start a new business, and best of all, I was exited to get out of bed in the morning!

I slowly started to

·    Stopped over-working/producing and other perfectionist habits

·    Improved the quality of all my relationships

·    Started to be more present for my kids both physically and MENTALLY

·    Reduced almost completely my anxiety

·    Started my dream business

·    Made more friends than ever before (granted that I started from very low)

And this is what I want for you too.

This is why I became a Life Coach.

To help you have to Joyful life you want.

My Story


Déborah Le Corre (aka. Dr Débi) holds an M. Eng, M.BA and PhD in Science and is a former senior scientist and team leader (in NZ Crown Research Institute) whose passion for helping people outgrew that of science; and thus became a life coach.

As a coach, she is certified from The Clique Academy (UK), trained as a facilitator at the Thriving Institute TM (US) with Dr. Valerie Rein, and certified as an integrative life coach / change worker with the Ethical Coach Collective with Melissa Tiers (Hypnotisit) and Simone Seol (Business Coach).

While she is not a physician, she works with people, from all genders, cultural backgrounds and life experience, including those who experience pre/post burn-out, post-concussion syndrome, light post-traumatic syndrome, A.D.H.D, A.S.D, HSP and/or mood disorders; and want to implement change in their life/career.

Deborah channels her joyful and curious nature to understand the underlying root cause of confusion, indecision and inaction. She shares evidence-based tools and theories; and helps her client use them to make confident choices and actions.

She believes in inherited and collective trauma, somatic work theories, neuroplaqticity and practices an integrative / holistic coaching approach that has you work not only on your mindset but invites you to partner with your body and nervous system as well. (No toxic positivity or wishful thinking here).

Outside of her interest in different coaching philosophies, Deborah’s particular interests are in yoga, Pilates, cooking, pottery, tramping, and any water/bathing activity.

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