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12 weeks to escape

12 weeks to escape

Escape the prison for the mind!


With me, you will be taking the figurative "red pill' to unplug from the Matrix and its gloomy reality, and actually enjoy life.


If this does not make sense, watch the Matrix (either the first or the lastest) :)



In this 12 weeks program, I will coach you every week on your specific goals or issues.


As a result, you will learn how your brain and nervous system work to give you ONE version of reality; and how to be critical of this perception.


The results migth show as

  • stopping to participate in over-doing behaviours (over-working, over-eating, over-drinking), 
  • understand why you feel disatisfied with your "sucessful" life
  • better energy and time managment
  • stopping to take things personaly
  • stopping to say "why do people always...."

amongst other things...


    3 months package includes

    • 12 coaching/teaching sessions 
    • message support between calls

    All sales are final. No show will count as a session unless rescheduled more 24h before the originally scheduled date, or explicit agreement with the coach.

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