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Joyfully YOU

Joyfully YOU

This is the package my clients recommend!!


Especially when they came to me without fully believing in the benefits of coaching.


One of them told me: "I think you should offer 6 months because once start having breakthroughs, you get more curious and you want more." So here it is!!


I use not to offer it because I understand how scary it is...

In fact, the first coaching package I ever bought was a year long!!! And I was soooo scared that it was a scam... but when came the 12 week mark, I was sooooo happy I wasn't finished. 


I do believe that longer program bring the most long-lasting benefits.


All that to say, this is recommended for people who like to get to the bottum of things, want to really anchor new behaviour and thought patterns, and take actions to go beyond living towards thriving.


Results migth look like:

  • increased confidence to go after what you really want (after we have identify what it really is)
  • having better relationships (with your partner, your kids, your paretns, your colleagues)
  • feeling like life isn't that hard
  • loving yourself, like really!!

amongst other things...


This package includes 24 1-hour sessions over 6 months.


    All sales are final. No show will count as a session unless rescheduled more 24h before the originally schedules date, or explicit agreement with the coach.


    6 months package includes

    • 24 coaching/teaching sessions 
    • message support between calls
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