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Image by Joanna Kosinska


Work-Life Balance like a Pro

We all know that “super-woman” or that successful entrepreneur/doctor/artist who seems to have it all figured out and wonder:  “How do they do it all?”

Like they're full of magical magic and special wisdom-ness or something.


They might say “I’m really organised” or “I have a lot of help” or “I work really hard”.

And those things are probably true. But they also are not true.


In this workshop, I am going to answer that question with 100 percent honesty for you.


I'll also give you 3 principles that will make your existing time management tool either 10 times more efficient or completely unnecessary 😆 ; and teach you 3 things you can do in under 30s that are a game changer!


And don't tell me (or yourself) that you don't have time!!!

I promise you it is NOT true.

And if you think it is, it is exactly WHY should join me.

Honest Signalling,
or the art of presenting for introverts

Ever wish you could just do your science / job, and not bother with pesky presentations?


Do you have a “big” scientific presentation to give but you are shy, have an accent and feel confused and overwhelmed?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is the learn how to plan, create and deliver a technical presentation that feels clear, engaging and like yourself in 6 weeks or less

& start loving making your work shine!!


Because I suspect that

"the way you present is the way you show up in life"

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