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employee coaching

You want to make a difference in your employees' life and wellbeing?

Because it is in your company's values, because it will retain high potentials,
to avoid the "rotten apple effect"
and because it will boost productivity.

Talk to me. I can help.

I am a former senior scientist & team leader, whose passion for helping people outgrew that of science.


Who hasn’t been impacted in some ways by the pandemic!?

Hays reports that “Just 42% of New Zealand’s workforce rate their current mental health & wellbeing as positive, down from 63% pre-COVID-19”.

“The deterioration of workers’ mental health & wellbeing has occurred despite 72% of employers increasing their organisation’s focus on this area during the pandemic.”

I believe this is because a lot of organisations have had collective responses (e.g. seminars and workshops) and have focused – understandably so – on “professional” concerns (e.g. workshops on “sexual harassment”, “burnout / suicide prevention”).

The issues are: 

Employees struggle to apply or see the relevance to the specificity of their work and life.

We are lead to believe that we have a personal life & a professional life.
But, in truth, we "just" have a life...

What is limiting us in our professional life is most likely showing up in our personal life as well (like communication/relationship issues, time and energy management etc).

The good news is that there is an alternative to workshops...

In a coaching container, we create the safety to explore these limitations and the empowerment to take actions (and sometimes the accountability) tailored to their specific work and life experience.

My coaching and the tools I teach are very relevant to the workplace and are held in the framework of 4 foundational concepts:

1. Perspective - this is more than "zooming out", it is about learning to self-coach and practice non-binary thinking.

2. Personal power & responsibility - all too often we give our power away to others without even realizing and forget to take responsibility for where we are. 

3. Partnership - with your strength, your imperfections and your nervous system, so you can allow discomfort AND still take action. A procrastination buster.

4. Pleasure - whaaat!!! Yes... finding joy and pleasure in what you do is the secret to sustaining energy & action.

My super-powers include

  • seeing structure where you might see chaos - helping you see/think  simply & clearly

  • non-binary thinking - helping you gain perspective

  • seeing what you mean where you can't say it - helping you find your voice

  • recognizing patterns (in thoughts, habits, desires) - reflecting them back to you

  • being with emotions & trauma - helping you to partner with them

 And they are what make me a great coach

Ready to work together?

Then contact me  to see how we can work together

(contract work, incentive program or other)

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