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1-on-1 CAREER & biz coaching

So you want to take the next step...


  • you have too many "ideas"

  • you want to make the right choice

  • you're afraid you don't have the energy

  • you don't feel supported

So you procrastinate ...

Or so you think!

Procrastination is the act of delaying or postponing a task or set of tasks. 


You are not procrastinating,
you are lacking clarity!

The good news is ... the answers are inside you.

Enters me :)

Together, we work on creating safety in your mind and body so you can access your true desire, gain clarity and take actions to create AND ENJOY the career you want.

All you need is to master 4 foundational concepts:

1. Perspective - this is more than asking your bestie for their opinion, it is about learning to be aware of your thoughts, coaching yourself and considering new ways of thinking.

2. Partnership - with yourself, your skills, your imperfections and your nervous system, so you can allow discomfort before you take action and have your own back after.

3. Pleasure - whaaat!!! Yes... this is the secret to sustaining your energy.

4. Personal power - all too often we give our power away to others without even realizing. You don't need to wait for your partner to be on board.

So stop letting sh** live rent-free in your mind and suck up your precious energy.


Get it out, get sh** done and enjoy your life.

If you are thinking
"this sounds a lot like life coaching!"
It's because it is.

We are lead to believe that we have
a personal life & a professional life.
But, in truth, we "just" have a life...

So whether you want to improve 
your so-called "personal" life, your career, your relationships, or create a new business or  offer,
the same principles (and superpowers) apply.

When you and I work together, I will help you through each step of your journey and equip you with tools to master these  4 principles.

We’ll address any fears and discomfort as they come up so you can take action. 

We make bad decisions when we try to avoid discomfort.

You don't need to deep dive into your past or make big scary changes. You just need to keep practicing these 4 things.

At the end you will feel like you are two different persons, and be confident in your requests, choices and actions (at least that is what people say).


In only three sessions, Déborah helped me gather the courage to ask for a promotion at work and get the clarity I needed to know what I would do whether my bid was successful or not. She helped cut through the excuses and worries that made me stay in a position that wasn’t working for me. 

Debs helped me pin point some really important distinctions around money, sharing, scheduling and simply being me in my business. I came out with much more belief and self-trust in my new offering.

My super-powers include

  • see structure where you might see chaos - helping you see/think  simply & clearly

  • see what you mean where you can't say it - helping you find your voice

  • see your desires when you don't believe you have any - helping you honor your desires

  • not think binary - helping you gain perspective

  • recognize patterns (in thoughts, habits, desires) - reflecting them back to you

  • be with emotions & trauma - helping you to partner with them

 And they are what make me a great coach

The how

  • 3 or 6 months together (that is 12 or 24 sessions)

  • Weekly 50 minutes sessions (on phone or Zoom; in person*) 

  • Investment in yourself of  NZ$1200 for 3 months and NZ$2400 for 6 months - paid in advance

Know that this will be one of the best investments you ever make, because it will change the course of your life… so why not start today!?

* by arrangement if you live in Christchurch, New Zealand

No-risk 1-session guarantee

If your first paid session doesn’t live up to your expectations, for any reason at all, just let me know within 3 days of the first session, and I will return 100% of the money for your package, no questions asked. (I’m talking about your first session inside your paid coaching package. Of course the introductory free coaching call is free, and in addition to your first paid call.  After the first session, the money is non-refundable.

Are you ready to start loving your career?

Then send me a message so we can book our “first date”.

Don't know what to say? 
That is alright. I have never been good at that either.
Just tell me you name and 3 time & days when you are available, and I'll make it happen.

This is an opportunity to discuss what you want to achieve, what you'll be able to do if we work together, and get a glimpse at my coaching.


Also, like a first date, past our nervousness, we can see if we like each other.

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